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all original antique impressive oriental doll armand marseille. a lovely sfbj 236 boy dating. with very faint hairline. very rare small size armand marseille.Armand Marseille 39056cm (22) doll circa 1925.. to the show with you or be prepared to make an appointment with the dealerdoll doctor for a later date.A nice Armand Marseille 990 antique doll dating from 1910. She has blue glass paper-weight eyes which open and close perfectly, she still has most of her original.

Find great deals on eBay for antique armand marseille doll 370. Shop with confidence. Tips on value of antique dolls, identifying markings mold numbers including German bisque doll history, and makers Armand Marseille, Simon and Halbig, Kammer Comments. Manikin, 22 days ago Your doll is made in Germany by Armand Marseille and was named Floradora dating early 1900s. She is rather common one to find and yes. Armand Marseille 39056cm (22) doll circa 1925. Made with a high quality fully jointed composition body, this doll has the multi-stroke eyebrows, sleep eyes, two. Seven days of love dating divas. Results 1 - 48 of 238. This doll would date between 1930-40. AU 135.00. Antique Bisque Doll Armand Marseilles 370 On A Kid Body 21. AU 295.00. As mentioned, the majority of Armand Marseille dolls were made with bisque. So you see how complicated it is -) They date from most likely from late 1880s. All about antique Marseille dolls including, doll marks, doll mold numbers with photots descriptions ALL ORIGINAL ARMAND MARSEILLES GOOGLY DOLL.. Closed mouth socket head bisque doll incised S7H 939 with blue glass. A scene was painted on the doors of ducks swimming in a brook which was painted at a later date. Armand Marseille Doll in Dolls Bears, Dolls, Clothing Accessories, Antique Dolls eBay

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Antique Doll Manufacturers, Mold Number, Mark, Body Type, Eye Type, Head Type,Years Made, Country of Origin Antique German baby doll, 1913 made marked Armand Marseille Kiddiejoy bisque head with blue sleep eyes, on cloth body, 10 inches. ShabbyGoesLucky. Armand Marseille Floradora head restoration. Professional Doll Repair Clothing. Home. That is the long and short of how this doll came to be restored. Armand Marseille Dolls - For Sale Classifieds armand marseilles doll, armand marseille dolls, armand marseille baby doll, armand marseille doll head, composition. An antique Armand Marseille porcelain doll. This doll has a bisque head and composition arms and legs. She wears a mauve colored vintage dress with lace applique.

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Find an enormous variety of collectible doll compo german armand marseille on, from classic to modern and cloth to porcelain. Two Armand Marseille dolls, c.1900, made in Germany, one is a kid doll, mold 390, with bisque socket head and long legs on a jointed composition body.

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Auction Date SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 2015 1000 AM. Auction Location 526 N. Marked 1894 Armand Marseille doll composition body 15 inches 13. Jul 1, 2013. Pictured left Armand Marseille 995. This is a more unusual doll by the Armand Marseille Factory. Dating from around late 1920s, she has. days ago. Armand Marseille dolls are one of the most common antique dolls that are found today. They created their famous doll molds, including the very. The dating divas 101 tips and ideas for couples photography. Armand Marseille 22 inches, former Eatons Beauty doll ca. Find this Pin and more on Armand Marseille 390 by lorraineteuten. Armand Marseille 390, 22 inches, former. Results 1 - 48 of 12509. New ListingAntique Bisque German Doll Armand Marseille 590 14. Antique bisque. DATE Early 20th Century. CONDITION For parts. days ago. Armand Marseille dolls are one of the most common antique dolls that are found today. They created their famous doll molds, including the very. -inch Armand Marseille, 1894. Oriental Doll. Mark AM 1894 60 DEP. By Armand MarseilleKopplesdorf, Germany doll factory.. Dating from 1885-1930. Length 18 inches. Armand Marseille was a company in Kppelsdorf, Thuringen that manufactured porcelain headed (bisque) dolls from 1885 onwards.

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