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what is a studio appartment studio apartment a studio apartment also known as a studio flat uk a selfcontained apartment nigeria efficiency apartment or bachelor apartment is a small apartment which combines living room bedroom and kitchen into a single room, by standard definition a studio apartment is typically a selfcontained unit in which the kitchen living area and bedroom are combined into a single space, besides this a one bedroom apartment is different from a studio apartment in every aspect as a one room apartment tends to be large in size than a studio apartment it wears a higher price tag or rent rate in comparison to the studio apartment, the advantages of studio apartments moving into a studio apartment can be a great way to save money on rent without getting a roommate or settling for a lessthandesirable neighborhood .

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what is a studio appartment a studio apartment uk studio flat is a selfcontained oneroom accommodation it combines the bedroom living room and cooking and bathroom facilities into one space, in the apartmentforrent ads studio apartments often show up among the least expensive this type of apartment may be the right choice for someone who needs an inexpensive place to rent also .

what is a studio appartmentin a studio apartment the bedroom kitchen living room and dining area are combined with no walls separating the spaces there are occasionally some exceptions but the hallmark of a studio apartment is that theres no separate bedroom, studio apartments also known as a bachelorstyle apartment efficiency apartment or a studio flat are small and selfcontained efficiency apartment is the perfect term for a studio apartment as a single unit of flat contains all the essential rooms found in an apartment without any barrier of walls or divisions giving you all the creative freedom, a studio apartment is an apartment that features one large room rather than separate walledoff spaces plus a bathroom oneroom living means that in many situations the kitchen living area and sleeping space are all incorporated into the larger room, a studio apartment is a small usually inexpensive apartment with one large room that contains a kitchen area a living area and. what is a studio appartment.