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good appartment dogs rescue dogs match is a not for profit 100 volunteerrun organization dedicated to protecting dogs in need learn more, dogs can teach kids responsibility compassion and cooperation not to mention theyre the best playmates anyone could ask for before you adopt any pup however always research the best type .

good appartment dogslandlords pet policies those who rent an apartment must be prepared to abide by the conditions set down by the owner of the property if this means no pets because some pet owners in the past have caused trouble the pet owner has three options give up the pet give up the apartment or change the landlords mind, dachshunds these adorable little hot dogs are expert snugglers who love burrowing beneath blankets and cuddling up to their loved ones the smallest of the hound breeds they enjoy a good run but the bonus here is that with legs just a few inches long you can give them all the toyfetching exercise they need right in the house, there are several things you need to check on if youre planning to get a dog or dogs and you live in a townhouse apartment etc apartment dogs, meet chevy this handsome guy is a 3monthold labrador retriever mix he currently weighs in at 25 pounds and will likely be a mediumlarge sized dog when fully grown. good appartment dogs.