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appartment in paris the trip paris barcelona and the canal du midi in selfsail barge itinerary to celebrate my husbands 60th birthday we met 11 friends on selfdrive barges on the canal du midi in the south of france but our holiday started with six nights in paris in a romantic studio apartment overlooking the seine and notre dame on the ile st louis, with over 20 years of paris real estate experience paris housing is the ideal solution to buy or rent a flat in paris and its western suburbs.

appartment in parischarming apartment is located at the ultimate location in paris on the 1st floor with elevator a three minute walk from the seine 118 square meters two bedrooms with a king size bed and the other with two single beds that we can also join them and make a queen size bed two bathrooms, 972544424922 ooolalaparis paris apartment rentals 2019, romantic paris found at the heart of one of the most fashionable streets of the marais rue des francsbourgeois this apartment combines the tranquillity of a secret location and the vitality of the parisian streets, paris apartments and vacation rentals luxury vacation apartments for rent in paris book hotel reservations in over 1000 hotels reserve airport transfers with private cars or airport shuttle attractions and things to do. appartment in paris.